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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
- Nelson Mandela
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Whatever you do, do it with excellence.
People of excellence are not ordinary people but extra
ordinary people who chose to do extra ordinary things.
With SAPA MP we can do those extra ordinary together.
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Welcome! We have a lot of exciting news to share. Latest Updates:
SAPA Letter to delegates
7 June 2021
Programme on school governance training
10 June 2021
Greetings to principals and deputies


May you please invite other principals and deputies of Schools in Mpumalanga to join SAPA MPUMALANGA whatsapp group. A platform to share best practices and to receive quick information that enhances and develops skills in school leadership and management. To join the SAPA MP GROUP JUST CLICK THIS LINK →  Join Group Chat

Welcome to SAPA MP

SAPA was formed in 1995 at a launching conference in the Western Cape eventually branching out to Mpumalanga. It is based on the principles of non-alignment to any political party or organization, or to any other educator body or union. This paves the way for individuals to be members of the major teacher unions in South Africa and also be members of SAPA. While SAPA is the national umbrella body, the association effectively functions at a provincial level. Each province elects its own executive committee to organize activities within the province, such as conferences, local seminars, newsletters, negotiations with provincial education departments in the interests of members etc.

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Here are a few benefits for you as a Principal.
Membership of a professional body which aims at enhancing your skills and professional development so that you will feel more confident about the task of leading your school.
The opportunity to attend local and provincial workshops, seminars and conferences organized by your executive and which are in tune with local needs. Your participation at the local and provincial level will determine the effectiveness of SAPA-MP.
The opportunity, through SAPA-MP representatives, to have a say in the planning and organization of SAPA national executive.
Through SAPA-MP representatives, information fed down to grassroots level from national and provincial education authorities; in other words an effective communication channel.
The opportunity to attend the annual national conference which ensures that you will be at the forefront of educational developments by means of stimulating and relevant keynote speakers and challenging and practical workshop sessions. A different SAPA provincial executive hosts the annual conference each year.
Ensuring that you never feel isolated from not only national but also international trends, SAPA provides opportunities to access current world developments in educational leadership through membership of the international Confederation of Principals (ICP) and the African Convention of Principals (ACP).
The SAPA national executive committee meets ONCE a term. The meetings are usually in Gauteng (either Johannesburg or Pretoria), and these include meeting with the national department of education. The President and members of the executive committee have held regular meetings with the Department of Education, in particular with Mr James Ndlebe (Director: Education Management and Governance Development) where various issues affecting school management have been discussed.

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